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    Reuben Romandy - Marketing Director

    Klemmer & Associates

    • Andrew Thureson
      Andrew Thureson has added a new profile photo.
      • July 31, 2015
      ERNEST FURTADO August 22nd will be our first Klemmer Family reunion day.. starting here in Toronto and I hope it will spread through out the World.. get together with your Klemmer Family in your areas..
      Help to spread the work..
      Par...  more
      • July 17, 2015
    • Pierre Foster
      Pierre FosterERNEST FURTADO: Thanks Ernest!! You're my first K&A community member pal ever!! Woo hoo!!
      • July 17, 2015
    • Jim Leaser
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      ERNEST FURTADO has just signed up. Say hello!
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