The Game: Red & Black

  • This was defining moment in my life that I will not soon forget. It was December 28,2011 and I was attending a two day personal mastery event Toronto. It was 3 days before the new year and I was attending a seminar, I could have been some many other things, chilling watching a movie or just reading a book.


    I spent 2 amazing days with 70 attendees and went through so many great exercises that stretched in so many ways.


    One exercise was the Red-Black game. Before I go further the scope of the game will not be revealed in the article, its how I played the game is what I want to share.


    We were given the instructions by the facilitator and split into two group. Each group has representative who had a flip chart to fill out with certain actions that the group had to make.

    This is where the story begins, I entered the room and proceeded to sit in a chair on the wall that was about 6 feet where the individual was standing with the flip chart. I got engaged in a conversation with an attendee in the group, we had met at an event earlier in the year where she had recorded a vide of me interviewing a participant that this event. We got talking about that and what she been up to since.


    As we continued in our conversation the group was trying to figure out to play this red-black game. Few people had started talking about how to play it, but there was no real leader who has stepped up to  help moderate the discussion.


    I remember getting up from my chair and saying to my friend “Watch this!”


    Proceeded to put myself in the middle of the room and begin to moderate the discussion and get things done. It like I was actor in theatre engaging with other actors in a scene.


    I was emphatic with my movement and my dialogue trying to be the agitator and encourager with the group, we got some momentum moving and we thought at the end we won the “game”


    We went back to the main room and sat down were the facilitator explain what the outcome of the game should have been.


    I was in the front row and my blood began to boil to my face in severe anger. The people beside me expressed concern that I look as red as an “apple”,  I respond it more like a “pepper ready to explode”


    Had some choice words thatI exchange with the facilitator, she went on to say that there very few people who had ever challenge her about the game as I was doing. That got me more agitated!


    In the end I realized that certain programed way that you play games to win and not to lose or be misguided.  There is a lesson playing this game and it didn’t fit with my way of winning.

    Moral of story:


    I went for being be relaxed and not interested in a game that was trying to teach me a lesson. To a dynamic and effect leader trying to create the change and result to win the game. It showed me that I have the great capabilities to be an effective and dynamic human being  in the 21st century. It’s up to me to able to recognize the opportunity and succeed in it.