R&D for a Web business

  • Howdy!  I am declaring to the universe and Klemmer that there is a mentor looking for me! We would brainstorm with me about my web business development. 


    I may actually be thinking too small.  As I am dong my research, I'm finding that the business support I am looking for may not actually exist.  In that case I would need a warehouse!


    Also how do I find a unique name and insure that it's available only to me.   I have lots of general questions.  Anyone willing to share their wisdom and expertise for a brainstorming session, please contact me! 


    Anyone else looking to learn and brainstorm, Let's share!


    Jeri M Brownfield

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  • Don Rogers
    Don Rogers Jeri, a Lady I know does just that, and is a SUPER brain-storming partner. I need to find a way to get her number to you without posting it on the web... since we had a predator visiting us on this site just a few days ago. You can contact me at <si...  more
    October 26, 2012