Intentional dreaming!  What the heck is that?  Renowned speaker, trainer and author, John Maxwell, says there is The Law of Intentionality.  I agree and I believe it crosses all boundaries, whether real or imagined.


    Intentional Dreaming is creating the life of your dreams from choice and commitment. 


    Many people allow their lives to unfold before them and then complain they aren’t getting what they want.  One would have to say that you may not be getting what you want but you are certainly getting what you “intended.”


    Now that could be a little hard to hear but it cannot be any other way.  Simply waiting for life to happen is living by chance and circumstance.  It could be an okay life but it will likely never be a spectacular life, a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.


    To realize more of your hearts desires get intentional about them and boldly declare your desires, dreams or goals. 


    Then, post all your digital images of your dreams and goals on and, to up the ante, make your dream board(s) public to your Facebook friends. 


    Ask your friends to encourage you through our CHEER posting.  Learn how much they love your dreams when they roll their cursor over a posting and press our unique LOVE IT button.  Their photo will be displayed on the left hand side of your dream board and a list of your dreams that they love will be displayed when you roll over their photo.  It’s a lot of fun to see whom your support and cheerleaders are.  And be sure to visit their dream board(s) and cheer them on.


    Remember the Law of Intentionality and use it to your greatest gain.


    Dream Often and BIG,


    John & Linda Edwards