Language of Action



    There are thousands of languages on this planet.  Based on culture, ethnicity, race, geographical location and such.  But you knew all that.  What many of us don’t think of is the type of language humans use within a given language.  Here in the United States we speak many forms of English along with hundreds of ethnic based languages.  Within each, are languages we use to get our messages across.  Such as, the language of complaint, the language of love, the language of praise and so forth.  One language that crosses all borders and cultures besides the ones already mentioned is the LANGUAGE OF ACTION.


    How do you move people from being compliant to being committed to your vision?


    The very first thing that people want to know any time you are about enrolling them into your vision or dream is the same world over.  It’s the old familiar question that is asked first in the mind then spoken out verbally.  Everyone wants to know, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?


    Answer that question, find the right motivator and people will move mountains to be part of your vision.


    There are thousands of motivators to choose from.  Money seems to be a universal one, as is recognition.  But I believe the most powerful of all motivators is cause.  People will fly airplanes into a building for their cause.  They won’t do it for money or recognition.  Find something that people can be passionate about and your vision is as good as accomplished.


    Remember the Law of Intentionality and use it to your greatest gain.


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    Dream Often and BIG,


    John & Linda Edwards