Recently I spoke to an audience about what mattered to them.  It was a simple enough question but the emotion it raised was quite telling.  One person wanted to raise $500k to secure a location for artists so that they could be as creative as they wanted.  When the subject of money came up another participant, with depth of emotion, cried out “I don’t want to talk about money!”  “It’s not always about money!”  Needless to say this stirred a bit of a discussion as to what mattered to those in the audience that wanted to be heard.  The conversation turned to vision being the most important thing, that without vision you go nowhere.  The audience member that showed such emotion around money noticeably shut down.  Literally zipping up his coat, folding his arms across his chest, burying his chin in his chest and slouching in the chair.  That participant was not going to be engaged in this exchange around money.


    I asked the audience if we could at least agree that, in this day and age, our planet operated with this thing we called money.  That to exchange products, ideas, services and so forth, money was the tool we presently use.  That centuries ago, the exchange media was anything of value, which included animals, furs, beads and even human beings.  They agreed.  I then asked if a child who was obviously suffering from starvation was standing in front of you asking for help what would you give that child.  Of course, they responded, ‘food and care.”  I then asked, “What would it take to provide that for this child and the 30k children who die daily from starvation?”  And again, the response was money.


    So if money brings up emotion, the kind that participant experienced, what’s behind that?  Well, it could be any number of life experiences.  It could be that presently the person is broke and cannot see a way to create money.  It could be that a large sum of money was taken away.  It could be that every time money of quantity is created it is always lost in one fashion or another.  It could be that a very important relationship was destroyed because of money or the lack of.  It could’ve simply been that that participant thought he would be “sold” that night and had come into the meeting already in resistance.  There are thousands of reasons behind so much emotion when it comes to money.


    The fact is, to effect change, real change; on this planet, money is going to be in the equation somewhere.  Even the most notable figures of our history and time had and have vast resources or access to those resources so that their message got out to the masses.  Why?  Because they had BIG DREAMS and were committed to realizing those dreams.


    Money will not buy you happiness.  And for some it creates as many issues as it solves.  But with money, one can leverage themselves to effect change on our planet.  And maybe, just maybe, some of that change will bring greater satisfaction and fulfillment into your life.


    Dream BIG and OFTEN,


    John & Linda Edwards