Will Smith Speaks on Possibility





    One way to realize more of your dreams and goals is to duplicate what other successful people have done.  If you had a foolproof way of manifesting more of what you want would you take it on?  Some say, “It’s too hard,” “It takes too long,” “They’ll think I’m crazy,” “What if no one shows up?” and other such self-limiting beliefs.  If it weren’t possible then no one would have his or her dreams.  The fact that millions of people are living the life of their dreams is clear evidence that possibility exists.  And, that you, if you believe in yourself, can also manifest your dreams and goals.


    Take a moment to listen to one of the world’s premier celebrities, actor and singer, Will Smith, speaking on this subject of creating the life of your dreams.  Practice even one of his concepts for a year and you’ll be amazed at the results you produce.






    With the New Year coming up fast give intentional attention to your dream boards and set out to realize even more of your dreams in 2013.  And remember to move those dreams you’ve realized to your Accomplished Dream Board.  Simply hover over the dream and Right Click on your PC (CTRL Click on MAC) and select the Accomplished button in the pop up.  Then visit your Accomplished Dream Board and see all that you’ve realized in the past year. 


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    Dream BIG and Often,


    John Edwards