• Recently I wrote in a Facebook posting that “Inspiration comes at unexpected times and from unsuspecting people.”  During a recent seminar presentation I did in Colorado Springs a youthful 89-year-old lady inspired the participants and me.  We were working on goals and dreams and she stated that her goal was to show those in their 70’s and 80’s that they had more life to live.  And, that one can keep growing.  A while later in the presentation I set up an exercise called Intention + Mechanism = RESULTS where participants declare their goal or dream and choose a mechanism to cross the room with.  Each must use a different mechanism and none can be repeated.  You can imagine how anxious people get when they see someone in front of them using the exact mechanism they planned to use.  It is great fun and participants see their self-limiting beliefs kick in while others jump in and have fun. 


    Well, Grace, our youthful 89-year-old wanted to play and declared her goal once more. Then, true to her name, she danced across the room.  The crowd roared with encouragement and applause.  Inspired by her courage and commitment to make a difference for others.


    What you are just about to learn is that Grace had suffered a brain aneurism sometime back but wasn’t letting that stop her.  Her speech wasn’t crisp and her gait wasn’t perfect but nonetheless, she was fully alive and going after her dreams.


    What have you allowed to stop you from going after your dreams and goals?  Being stuck in the past is living a limited life.  You were meant to have the life of your dreams, that’s why you have them.  Take action, and begin to realize more of what you want from life and inspire others by your example.


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    Dream BIG and Often,


    John & Linda Edwards


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  • Suzette Chavers
    Suzette Chavers John: I think it's amazing that you brought out the beauty of her name which is a fulfillment of her destiny. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others.
    January 4, 2014